Heidi von der Gathern

Air & Earth Design reinterprets classic silhouettes using striking natural materials to create one of a kind jewellery. 
Designed and handmade by Heidi von der Gathen, each
piece glimmers with the lustre of semi-precious gems, baroque pearls and hand wrought precious metal embellishments.


Ursula Crosbie

Ursula at Work

My name is Ursula Nicole Crosbie. I was born and raised in Simcoe County, Ontario.
I have been painting and sculpting for over 25 years.
I work mainly in acrylics on canvas and sculpt mostly in earthenware and stoneware clay. All my work is original, hand built and hand painted by me.
My work is influenced by both the human figure and elements of nature. Sometimes I like to integrate these two aspects to create something new. Butterflies are very special to me and show up in abstract often in my work. To me, they represent the balance between fragility, strength and beauty.
A donation from the sale of each piece I sell will go to butterfly conservation efforts.
Please feel free to contact me if interested in any of my work. Commissions are always welcome:)

Kim Harcourt




Joyce Buck
Black Swan 
Stained Glass Studio

The journey into stained glass started 25 years ago.  I have taken many classes over the years, as my creativity changed.  I have also taught classes, organized and set up many shows. Have designed lamps, panels, windows, sun catchers, stepping stones and done kiln work.
Each day brings new ideas and another learning experience.



Mary Lazier

Alcohol Ink on Tile

My first experience with clay was in 1972, and in 1977, I registered Spiral Pottery, a non profit society devoted to encouraging potters by providing classes, sales, workshops, teaching opportunities, and workspace to over fifty potters and two hundred students, over a period of twelve years. The building which housed Spiral Pottery was sold in 1989, and for nine years I worked in the basement studio of my home in Toronto. Presently I work in a recently built studio where we now live in the country at Violet Hill Ontario. In 2001 we built a show-room and have installed a gas car-kiln.

Mark Tichenor

I've been in love with clay since I first got my hands dirty in 1964 while studying mathematics in Beirut, Lebanon.
Ever since I burned out working in the software field in the 90's, I've been back at pottery. I also enjoy our geodesic dome greenhouse, growing nutritious vegetables.

Rosemary Molesworth


Carole Watson


Carole was born in Toronto and graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1965. Her paintings have been exhibited in British Columbia, Ontario and Japan. From her studio in Mulmur Ontario she creates bold panoramic vistas.


Patrice Clarkson

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Victoria Huntley

I am a landscape artist and the medium I use is oil. The paintings I create are largely based on my photographs. I enjoy the entire process from observing the landscape, to taking photos, to perceiving the composition and transforming it with brush strokes to become a piece of art.  I have been told I have a good eye for colour. My use of bold colours has been the feature that has drawn the most favourable comments from patrons of galleries where my paintings have been exhibited. Each painting I create requires dedication and hard work. I like facing challenges and the feeling of satisfaction I get by overcoming obstacles in my path.

Wendy Morris

Silmaril Silver Weaving has been proudly offering handwoven designs in traditional chainmaille patterns for over 16 years.  Using quality metals, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, and found items, jewellery artist Wendy Morris creates a range of designs both delicate and sturdy to suit any taste.





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